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Well the problem I have with using the bible as reference to encourage any standard of behavior is that it is treated like it floated down on the wings of some supernatural being and therefore nothing bad could possibly be found within it. Yet it, and many other religious texts, have been responsible for more bloodshed than can be quantified.
Prior to its creation, christian texts had been hunted and burned. Of what was left, later, was picked through by a committed hired by a ruler who wished to appeal to many religions at once in effort to create an army from divided people. Why should anything within be used to persuade, guilt, or control anyone to do something they don't want to do? It would be like using V.C. Andrews novels all mashed up into one book thousands of years from now to tell people how they should live.

I also come from a baptist family. You sound like you had a much better situation than what I experienced. I have family that feel women should be educated at a bare minimum and then home school their own daughters with what scant knowledge they acquired prior to marriage while their sons go the full 12 years to public school. I at least did get to go to school, but hard science was frowned on even by my immediate family.

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