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Default Hello, from our poly "vee" family in L.A.

Hello. I'm in an established and committed poly "vee" family in Southern California. In other words, there's three of us (me, my wife, and her OSO) and we all get along great together, one big family unit.

I came from seriously mono roots, and my wife and I were married over 15 years before opening up. I honestly struggled with the idea of polyamory, from both a moral as well as an emotional standpoint. The concept didn't come naturally to me, so I did a lot of reading, reached out to a number of my friends (who I discovered were also poly, go figure!), and had to experience it all first hand. Given time, it started to sink in, and I began to understand how wonderful and appropriate this type of relationship can be. The metamorphosis is now complete, and I'm happily poly myself as well.

I've has one serious OSO myself, and although we're not romantically involved anymore (she really needed a mono relationship), we're still best friends. It was a wonderful experience, and I cherish both our history together as well as our new relationship, deeper than a typical "vanilla" friendship.

I'd love to get to know everyone here, plus contribute where I can give value. In short, hello everyone!
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