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Default Different blowjobs for him and for me

I'll just get right straight to it. Last night my wife gave our boyfriend his first oral orgasm. Man she went down on him so hard and so powerfully for so long, I thought she would have passed out from lack of oxygen and exhaustion!

She went down on me like that when we were first together six/seven years ago, but hasn't done anything like that for me in years.

Man was it weird to be on the sidelines watching her powersuck the soul out of him and realizing that *I* want that and she never does that to me! Man I got jealous!

Now, that said, I am completely happy that she did that to and for and with him. She did make him orgasm, and he has been unable to really do that with us. So he shed some protective layers last night when she made him come.

i'm just being jealous that I don't get touched like that ever. Sure, NRE & all...just feeling the jealousy. I also understand that it was just plain hard to make him come, so she HAD to go hard and long like that to get him there. I dont take that long or that much work. Still. Waaaaaa!
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