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Oh, RP! Even this non-empath can feel the pain in that post.

I tend to be more of a taker of emotional energy than someone who gives it out. I've become more aware of this over time and I now consciously work on not being only a taker and not a giver. Beaker is more like you - she is a natural giver of energy, an empath, and someone who likes helping people through emotional support. I had to learn to give more, and do so consciously, so I did not drain her. She had to learn to pull back and give less. Most of the time we did ok with this but it was always something we needed to deal with.

It's perhaps time to give less. Prioritize you and your needs. This will be hard, on you and on your loves. Especially for your men, you are their foundation. But you need to be shaky right now in order to grow and figure this hard patch out. (And it will pass.) They need to be more of their own foundations now as well as figure out how to send you more support so you can rebuild and eventually not be shaky.

Consider also that they may not fully know how to recharge you emotionally. I didn't. Or they may be sending you energy and supporting you in ways that you may not see, or in ways that just don't work for you. I had to figure out how to be less draining and give more as Beaker wasn't getting what she needed. Your loves adore you - I am sure they would work with you to rebalance yourself and your relationships.
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