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Poly and D/s aren't mutually exclusive. You can be poly and be in D/s relationship (or relationships). Similarly you can be poly and not be into D/s or you can be a hardcore D/s person without being into poly.

A poly relationship where you agree to be his submissive, and thus be unequal to him in that relationship, is still poly. I assume you are not going to jettison your husband to pursue this relationship?

I also have questions for you. What is your husband's feelings on this possible relationship? How experienced are you in BDSM? In being submissive specifically? Do you know the type of submission you want? Sexual? Online only? Service? More fetish orientated? Do you know your limits? Do you know what makes you hot while submitting?

How experienced is your potential Dom? I ask because in my limited experience in my local community, the dominants (male, female or trans) with some level of experience and who also interact with their local leather communities certainly knew poly and kink are not mutually exclusive. I wonder if your potential Dom is new to the scene - one must start somewhere. But if he is not very experienced, and you are new as well, consider if you want to explore D/s with another newbie. People do muddle along just fine with brand new to BDSM partners but having a more experienced 'guide' can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Finally if you haven't already check out your local kink community. I guarantee you have one within a few hours of you. There are way more kinksters than poly folks. Go to a munch, maybe even a play party (you are never required to play at a party). Join Fetlife if you haven't. Ask questions. Good luck!

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