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I agree it's an emergency but for you not necessarily for her. Does she have a history of mental instability? I reject the idea that people acting selfish and stupid need automatic counseling. She is aware of the years and time invested in the relationship.....and the commitments she made to you. She's made a choice....this new lifestyle is clearly more important.....more fun ...more fulfilling and thus that's her focus. I've been told a million times Bdsm is consensual fun among adults.

Two key words consensual and adult. Maybe its a grand expression of choice. She finally found herself which is great....enjoy.

And on the other hand if this does break bad let the adults who caused it clean it up. Adults are responsible for there decisions and actions.....especially consensual ones.

When you started dating and got married were you looking to have an outside controling force fucking with the internal workings of your marriage and wife?......

What's your up side? What do you get out of this ....some fraction of a relationship...with a strange power dynamic.

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