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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I'm rather content at the moment, actually.

I got a new full time job, for starters. Put in an application and in record time got a call back for an interview the next day. Did the interview and 5 hours later had a job. It'll end up paying much more then I'm making now after the 90 day trial period is up. The work doesn't sound like it's too hard, and it's a small business, so it's a "Take care of us and we'll take care of you" situation. Seems like a good improvement from my crappy dead end, part time retail job to me.

LoveLeigh and I are doing very well. She's taken an interest in some of my hobbies, and we've been exploring our mutual hobbies some. Even though I know I'm in NRE I've been trying to control it, and failing on occasion, it's been hard on me. I don't want BrigidsDaughter to feel too neglected. I know how it feels to have a spouse going through NRE pretty severely. LoveLeigh and Shiro have spent the night several times, and each time pulls our little knot together more. I'm just glad that everyone involved seems to like each other. Makes things so much easier when everyone gets along, right down to the kids.

We gathered up our little poly tribe (BrigidsDaughter, LoveLeigh, Shiro, and his girlfriend) and hit up a local Indian place for a dinner with some other poly people. Was good hanging out like that and having good conversation.

So, yea. New job, things going amazing with the girlfriend, and life working it's kinks out slowly after all these years.
You're doing just fine with the NRE honey. Thanks for putting up with her sister and kids on Friday so that Wendigo and I could have some time together. I promise I'll make it up to you!

As for me, I just finished getting caught up on all my case notes and monthly statistic reports because Runic Wolf distracted me from working all day with season 1 of Game of Thrones. Once more I'm awake past my bedtime and not really tired. Thinking I'll read for a bit so I can get some sleep before I have to wake up and take Runic Wolf to his new job so I can work tomorrow afternoon. Excited to be meeting with my new supervisor to set up my new work schedule tomorrow and hoping that we can get my car fixed asap so we don't have to figure out rides for much longer.
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