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Hi -

I am a single straight 50 year old woman living in Canada who has always been a sexual explorer. All through my life, I have sought out different communities to learn from them and learn about myself. Been involved in the BDSM community as both a participant and workshop presenter. One of the things I loved about my BDSM experience was the honesty, clear communication, intelligence and self knowledge required for profound scene experiences.

Having several monogamous relationships I realize that my needs are not met by one partner. This is why I have joined this forum and some meetup communities. My introduction to polyamory was not a pleasant one. My husband at the time announced that he was going to become part of a poly relationship with a woman he had met online. He announced I was welcome to become a secondary so that I could continue to look after his children from a previous marriage. I realized then and now that his definition of polyamory was not that based on the discussion threads on this forum.

I have spent the last few years getting to know myself on a deeper level. Thoughtful, pensive and intuitive, I like to listen and be heard. I have a wild sense of humour, love to laugh and am not afraid to be intimate with someone who shares values like trust and respect. After this time of self discovery I am ready to look out in the world again.

I love the company of men. I look forward to becoming more knowledgeable and hopefully becoming a part of the polamory community. I would love to partner with two or more men if the chemistry, affection and emotional maturity is right.

Professionally, have been a sex educator for 15 years and am a Kundalini yoga teacher. Looking forward to communicating with some of you.
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