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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
from what i've seen, there are roughly about 34,000 sects and about 9,000 denominations of christianity...........

Here's an example straight from the bible i think most people are familiar with "Thou shalt not kill." seems pretty straight forward, but does that mean we cannot kill in defense? or does that mean we cannot kill animals? or even plants for that matter? What about germs? To do that, humans couldnot live.
Those tens of thousand of sects and denominations Google refers to - I've been told those are from all Christian history, 2,000 years. Many of them began and ended like a clam opening and closing its shell.

The ten commandments were written 6,000 years ago - at least - as missives for ancient Hebrews, who were unaware of germs and viewed animals, plants, women, children and often each other as commodities. Many believe that "Thou shalt not kill" originally read "Thou shalt not kill other Hebrews," and while I can't cite sources they make a good case for their theory. Other Hebrews makes a very different revisionist ball game.

That also can be googled. The notion sticks in the craw, doesn't it? It certainly did mine.
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