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Default Thank you!

Well I thought that it would be better to write her a letter, explaining our situation, and our feelings, and tell her that we are not asking to move immediately with us, just that... it s a new situation for all of us and that would be nice to give it a try... but without rush, its something new we all have to think about, and if we make the other trip maybe we can approach a little to how it would be.
I think writing is better because you can explain ALL than speaking or Skyping, some times the questions or the comments changes the point of what you was trying to explain.
How was the theme exposed to you?? did you know what you wanted? how have you been in this poly relations? my wife and I, we are deeply in love, we spend most of our days together, we work together!, and we realized that a 3rd person in our lives will add interesting things to our relationship and our lives, and hope we can bring the same for her; for example now, we are feeling that fear of the first time when you know some one you like, feel those butterflies in the stomach when we think about her.. you know..., and when it comes to share home and all of that what we find is that it can be great for all of us... how it has been for you?

Thank you again for your posts!
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