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Originally Posted by Icewraithonyx View Post
Polyamory doesn't mean married to one person and screwing another.
It doesn't mean being dommed by your partners dom either. It means everyone coming together consentually. I see none here and no attempt to create that. Sure, people struggle to get there, but to tell a partner to suck it up and deal is just not okay at all!
Originally Posted by SoCalDoc View Post
If your wife has submissive tendencies you should consider using this to your own advantage. Maybe you can be more dominant in your marriage. I wonder how she would respond to you trying some BDSM stuff. Don't ask for her permission, just do it like it's your nature and right. Maybe she just needs you to take charge of her, body and soul. Rule her world and then tell her to cut that other shit out. I don't know, maybe this is a hail Mary pass, maybe it's a way out of your mess...
I mentioned that too. I wonder how she would respond if you dommed up and said, "get your ass home now!" And to the guy, "come around my woman again and I will beat the shit out of you and your wife." Play him at his own game (totally inappropriate domming by the way, but whatever, he's not being appropriate, why should you). After this maybe you could send him some literature on how to be a good dom. He sucks and gives us a bad name.
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