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Originally Posted by catbird View Post
the article cited here errs actually, on at least eleven counts. To start with there are fewer than 300 Christian denominations anymore.
I'll take your word for it...

Originally Posted by catbird View Post
Let me cut to the chase. The above writer QUIT worshiping how he used to worship, he's mad at Christians and seeking to put Christianity in as poor a light as he possibly can.
Could it not be that it's simply how he sees christianity? I'm not saying that he's necessarily right on all counts, but I don't think that assuming that what he wrote is based solely on his disposition towards christianity is the best course of action.

Originally Posted by catbird View Post
As far as Christians are concerned they've been in business for 2,000 years. Does anyone actually imagine they didn't ALREADY explore, and explore thoroughly, all the sexual combinations and elaborations this site talks about?

Of course they did, and of course they have. And of course they don't care whether it's cool or not. It's not a matter of what outsiders accept. Behind closed doors means behind locked doors.
Personally, my stance is something like the author's (and no, I'm not a former christian, chomping at the bit to get back at them for something -.-). Essentially, when it comes right down to it, I see the bible as something like Aesop's fables. Sure, you can find some morality lessons in them, and I'm sure there's some historical elements there somewhere, but relying on the bible as a historical tome is the same thing as relying on fairy tales for history; not the wisest of plans.
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