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Default is it ok to judge people on their past?

so here's the scoop: the girlfreind has a problem with a couple i'm interested in. She feels they aren't trustworthy because of something which happened in the past. But also because she knows* she heard the male (mr D.) saying the female in the relationship (we'll call her z) should sleep with me so she (my gf) wil leave.

in other words, Mr. D told Z she should fuck me until my girlie leaves, this what she over heard.

now, earlier I put a * behind the word know in her over hearing. She "knows" what she heard. And I don't deny she did. But, I feel that there is at least a possibility that there was she perhaps did not hear the entire sentence, and it was perhaps taken out of context.

I have since talked/hung out with the couple, though I have not confronted them on it as i've asked her to do that. And they showed no signs of being that sexually aggressive by any means. Everything they've said to me has been very much respectful towards her.

I guess what i'm asking is what could I/we do?
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