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Thanks enormously for the reply.

Well.. things weren't that.. simple (as they rarely are) but my post was already getting too long so I skipped a lot of details.
Daisy and I didn't hide our feelings from the start. Actually, not at all.
Sarah and I are pretty close and have.. an honest an open relationship. So when all of this started to happen, I shared everything with her. How much do Daisy and I talk.. daily, the feelings that are evolving.. she knew of every time we met - she even dropped me at her place a few times.. We would hug.. the 3 of us. Or kiss
But when we talked.. the more i explained the "love" part... she just refused to listen. She just couldn't deal with the idea that i loved someone else the same way I love Her. When our "discussions" came to that - we started fighting. Not so much fighting.. but Her constant repeating of the same sentences in no particular order, over and over again.. for hours if needed.. until we both started yelling and screaming.. and when we couldn't take it any more and were too tired of the fighting.. we would talk a little calmer.. where she begun to understood my point of view.. so i could say another couple of things.. and again she started to think about the fact that i would want to love someone else.. and it was too much.. and yelling would continue.. till late at knight where we would both exhausted fall asleep in each other's arms.. coddling.. waking up in the morning with the sun.. happy.. relaxed.. having sex.. drinking coffee, getting ready for work.. like nothing was wrong.. and having it all repeat during the day.
Aaron is more.. rigid. He's not even interested in seeing Daisy's side - he knows it's plain wrong and didn't want to know anything at all. This situation and feelings that manifested was something he felt would best be resolved If no one mentioned or talked about them ever again. He would just yell at Daisy.. hard.. and he's much more determined, loud, cruel and eloquent about that than Sarah...and he was more successful of shutting her up. It's almost impossible to talk to someone.. when they stop any conversation at the beginning.
But we all knew.. all the time. Daisy and I loved it.. loved everything that was happening and wanted to share it with the world. Sarah saw it as a threat and was trying to explain that constantly. Aaron wanted it all to blow over without any talking.
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