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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post

I don't know if one can say that swingers don't communicate about multiple partners, safe sex, fluid bonding etc. because they seek casual connections. Many swinging communities emphasize talking and negotiating, including agreements on safer sex. Don't mistake casual for not giving a shit or that wanting casual sex means communication doesn't happen. Good communication is central to poly relationships but communication isn't exclusive to poly. Commitment and emotional connection are often reasons why people want to communicate well but they are not essential. Really only respect and basic care for the well-being of another person are necessary.
Fair enough. I said I didn't think it was standard. I guess I thought so because swinging tends to be couple centric sport sex. I imagine that its a different kind of communication but what do I know though. I didn't have any communication when I did some swinging. That doesn't mean my experience is everyones. *shrug.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I've never been to a swinger event but read a lot about them and safe sex was always mentioned. When sex and bodies are approached as part of a recreational activity or sport, so to speak, it makes sense that one would be diligent about the health of the "equipment."
Geez, this wasn't what I experienced. Everyone was drunk and fucking regardless of communication or safe sex. A pussy was free and open? It got a cock in it. Most of the time using the same condom as the last fuck. I have heard since this experience that this is not the usual, but it does happen.
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