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I am poly, and my bf isn't so, I let him do stuff with women that are 'dominatrix' and i kind of have a gf. (according to the rules now, can't call her that, or anything that sounds like that :\ )
I feel I let him do more than he lets me, and all he has to say is "don't let me if you don't like it". But I honestly like it when he enjoys (with some rules that don't matter here since he is not in a relationships with htese women..)
It is hard for him to enjoy when I enjoy since my case 'involves' feelings.

can't be seen kissing outside, when he is not around. Won't even talk about sex as it is probably obvious.
she can't come over for the night when he is not home
now he came up with 'you two hugging while sleeping is bad' and it really upsets me
I feel like being shaparoned, but there is no other way at the moment.. he says he needs time, but I don't know if he even does any thinking at that time

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