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Your posts remind me where Mono, PN and I were three years ago. Now things have changed, as they always do. I would suggest getting to the bottom of the issues going on soon and with lots of attention because when the sex dies down and there is every day life and less of it, those issues become the forefront of everything if there wasn't a chance to deal with them.

I still get lots of sex and there are still differences between my bf and husband, but the intensity is not the same. The replacement has been that we all live together now and my boy (9) has two dad figures and is the luckiest kid ever. The balance is better for everyone, but the intense connected sex is limited.

There are two big difference however. I don't care about cock size at all. I think big cocks are over rated and Mono has never said one single derogatory thing about PN. He has always had his best interest in EVERYTHING he does. He is completely dedicated to PN and the health of our relationship. Without PN we would likely not be together.
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