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Originally Posted by LuvNWonder View Post
We are older than the average ages I've seen tossed around as the median for poly folks - 36 is what I've seen most often. We are early 40's.
Welcome old timers
I feel I can say that (almost) as I turn 40 on the 7th of December!
Actually, you are not all that old in terms of the poly world in my opinion. It just seems like that on here because there seems to be a lot of younger people trying it all out for the first time. In the community that I am in in our city the average age seems to be 36 also, but I think that really the older people I have met are simply just established in their relationships and don't have as much of a need for community or to be out there... perhaps even they have been shunned and don't want to be as "out" as us that are younger.

I remember when I came out as a Lesbian a million years ago it was the same thing. There were some older women that were reticent to be so "out" because of bad experiences and ridicule that they had faced. When a wave of "baby dykes" seemed to take over the scene with their radical activist ways they were a tad freaked, but got into it in the form of supporting us and being more visible.

I wonder what it is about my generation that makes me think that I am at the forefront of social evolution all the time? I always seem to be involved with some way of thinking that is just about to explode on the scene in mainstream culture.. anyone else my age feel that way?

(I find it interesting that most of the young Lesbians I hung out with back then are now married to men and identify as some kind of "bi" or are transitioned to men. Mostly the latter! It's awesome! But a topic for other places...) sorry, a bit of hyjack here.... carry on
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