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I know you are all right, that it takes time etc...
But I am stressing out so much that sometimes I think I am going crazy.

Is it like that just for me?? I just ant to cry all the time

What I wanted to say about the other side; of his needs.
We are also into bdsm, him more, me less. We sometimes bring other girls to play with, he'd say they are for me as I am bisexual, but I am not that interested, I am very picky (can't have sex/bdsm play with people I am not attrackted to + silly people who I don't connect to during conversation) at first I'd be mad, making faces and all, but then I realized that it is what he needs for himself (he is submissive in bdsm, I switch). Anyway I started letting him do thing because I know he still loves me At first I thought "am I not enough? how could this be??" but it makes sense, sometimes we need something else.
But he refuses to understand me as I understand him because my case involves feelings for another person.

How can I explain to him that beteen me and him nothing changes? (without bringing terms like polyamory, another partner, etc...)
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