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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Has your bf ever told you why he stopped seeing other women and is focused only on you now? Can you gently encourage him to date other women again? This might help.
As I said in an earlier post, I have asked him and he told me that he doesn't enjoy it, and that he has never really enjoyed casual sex outside of his relationships. He could easily get girls if he wants, but he doesn't. I have encouraged him, but he says that he just wants to be with me. I know for a fact that he did go with a few girls, I also have the feeling that sometimes when he said that he had, he really hadn't. I guess I put pressure on him to do it, I thought that he would want to, I think lots of men, if given permission from their wife/girlfriend to have sex with as many girls as they like would jump at the chance. My boyfriend is not like those men though. Truth is, I told him to do it because it made it easier for me to do what I was doing.

The only thing that would work for him is if he had a relationship like the one I have with my lover, something that is more than just sex. Different girls all the time wont work. He says that going out and meeting girls at a club, having never met them before, and taking them to a hotel room for sex is not for him. He has to get to know a girl and like her. In hindsight that is not a surprise to me. When we first met, and started going out, he took a lot longer to get me into bed than I actually would have wanted.

The thing is, if he did have another relationship like I have, and he loved someone else as well as me, I know that I would be crazy jealous.

Dont think that I dont know what an awful hypocrite that makes me, I do.

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