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Originally Posted by LuvNWonder View Post
Of course it's not the right solution for everyone but when it was agreed that a sexual relationship was desireable between my wife and her bf it was absolutely essential that we be together as a threesome first.
I had to see that he was loving and supportive, he had to see that I was okay with the relationship, and she needed that night of passionate embrace between all three of us to believe it was going to be alright. It did not remove all trace of trepidation for any of us on the day they were together alone, but it took the scary away.
Thanks for putting this on here. Mono and I didn't have our first time together like this and I wouldn't suggest it for everyone, but once we all started sleeping together and having sex together occasionally it changed the dynamic to something more comfortable. It seems that when there is a bit of an imbalance going on we spend time together in this way and it balances up again. We all believe it will be "alright" afterwards and it takes the scary away. The actual act is very different than when we are alone in that we all give each other space and are respectful of one anothers "turn." It really is indicative of how we are in life, but focused and under a microscope kind of. If that makes sense...??

When my husband and I were dating a man last year (that happened to be cheating on his wife, unbeknown to us. Lesson learned on that one! Always talk to the wife first!) It became evident that this man was in love with me and I had strong feelings for him at the time too. My husband picked up on that in our time together sexually and we changed our relationship... I don't think any of us would of picked up on the subtleties of our relationship if we had not all been having sex together. This is certainly true now with Mono.
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