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Default Wondering about polyandry too

After one marriage and a couple unsatisfying monogamous relationships, I recalled a time in my life where I had three lovers in my life. And while it might not be defined as polyandrous, it was the one time in my life I felt content emotionally, sexually and spiritually. None of the men knew about the other, they did not ask nor did I volunteer. For all intents and purposes we were all "single" and enjoyed spending time together practicing safe sex. All three men had different schedules so there were no issues regarding time spent together. Occasionally, there would be convergence when all three men would want to see me on the same day. Knowing they would not be comfortable in the type of threesome I wanted to have, I would see them separately. Several years later I realize this is what I want; something similar - like a V. I guess I just do not know where to begin. Any suggestions?
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