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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
I think our opinions on the subject aren't going to change how you feel. You aren't comfortable being close to someone you aren't sexual with. Let me tell you that the problem with that is that you're going to get frustrated with your lover and not have anyone to vent to. My wife went through that and it nearly drove us apart. You need a close friend you can trust that you don't have a physical attraction to. You also need to be able to relate to your lover. All of that is necessary.

I love all of my true friends. That doesn't mean I want to have sex with them. Love does not equal romance.
I agree that love doesn't equal romance, but some people (such as myself and, apparently, StarTeddy) do tend to start feeling romantic with their close friends of the opposite gender. I don't think that this means that we'll get frustrated with our lover and not have anyone to vent to. In all truth, the beauty of falling in love with your closest friends is that they should -already- be someone who know all about your issues and already help you out a great deal. Ofcourse, they also have to be attracted to you as well, but I've found that this isn't so hard to find as some might think. I've found that many women seem to like having friends who want them but who don't tell them. Personally, I think it's frequently because there's a lack of courage on the guy's part. What this can do is kind of string the guy along; he hopes that one day, he'll find the "right time" to tell her how he feels. Well I'm not interested in this type of waiting game; I tell them how I feel and then see where the relationship goes after that.
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