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Default Wonderful story

Hi Luvs,

Thanks for sharing. From reading your story we'd say we share a lot of parallels with you and maybe, as you mentioned about the age and we are closer to your age than most we've seen here so far, we've walked most or all the same paths and find ourselves at much the same point at the moment.
Quads we've always found to be really hard. It's hard getting even two personalities to really click - let alone 4. We'd all but given up on that but remain open - just not very hopeful. It just is what it is. It seems the better possibility for a quad (or more) will be from the coming together of individual triads (or Vs). Unfortunately, as you mentioned (and we have the same preference for 'balance' as you) the guys are "easy" and the "gals" - not so much. Again, just a reality. There seems to be quite a few great gals (intelligent, open) hanging out here and we only wish the wider population had access/exposure to such people and their stories and advice. The possibility of success in lifestyles such as this are every bit as real as any other choice and if larger %s of the population could hear that - instead of all the horror stories, we think the world could be a very different, more loving place.
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