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Default Thursday Afternoon, Friday, Saturday Morning - The Last 48 Hours

Someone cue Kiefer Sutherland and start the 24 hour beeping clock noise.

I left off talking about my wife and B. I really shouldn't make posts from my phone because I left out quite a bit of detail and I had a lot of typos and errors that I can't fix now because it's been too long... T.T

As those of you reading have probably figured out, I thought about it some more and I'm fine with her seeing B. I've met him before, he's not a bad guy (he's not a great guy either, but hey, no one is perfect), and now that I know more of why they broke up I feel like it's not as big of a deal if they see each other again. So long as he isn't trying to shanghai her from me I'm fine with it. I also was very suspicious of how he came back into her life so I asked her for more detail. She gladly gave it, which made me a lot more comfortable. Here's how it all happened (maybe not all in the right order, I can't remember). He wished her a happy birthday on facebook and asked her how she was doing, they conversed a bit, she eventually said that she had a unique relationship that likely would not include him, he inferred that to mean that we were poly/swingers/etc, somewhere in there they said they'd like to get together and catch up, and he invited her on a road trip to Iowa.

Later that day A and I had a very serious phone conversation about where our relationship was going. Again I was gone longer than I expected or realized but it was an important conversation so it was good that I went. Long story short, there's someone she likes and that person is monogamous. They dated before but it didn't work out and if the other person gives A another shot... well, let's just say that A and I would just be friends if they got serious. It sucks, but I'm OK with it. A's happiness is important to me and if this other person makes her happy then that's what counts. I'm not selfish or greedy. I'm not going to be like, "No, you can't have one committed relationship when I already have my wife and am looking for another". That's just silly. I did ask her for a chance to show her that I'm not someone she should just let go, though. She said it would be a while before they were serious, if it even came to that, so to me that sounds like things will work out. Anyway, I'm not naive enough to think that this would be easy or that I'd get it right on the first try, so it's not like I'm super torn up over this. I kind of expected it really. If it works out in my favor, awesome. If it doesn't, well at least she told me about it instead of dropping a bomb on me when they did get serious. That would have hurt. A isn't like that though. She's pretty damn awesome.

I stayed home. I didn't feel great, but it was more because that was my last day at my current position and I hated it and I didn't want to. I'm moving to a new spot on Monday. YAY! I've said it before, but it's all I can think about. I am so excited, nervous, apprehensive, worried, anxious, everything. I know I can do it but I've never done anything like it and part of my mind is telling me I can't. I've never not been able to do a job, though, so this shouldn't be any different. Yes! Finally! We spent the day up at the park with two kids that my wife watches and my own kids. I threw a football and kicked a soccer ball for most of the day and surprisingly wasn't sore from it. I think this working out stuff is really working! Yes! I spoke to A quite a bit too, but not about anything in particular. One of our friends from Maryland showed up and we hung out with her for a while before she had to go over to her sisters for a party. I played some video games I hadn't played in a long time and overall we just had fun. At one point Katie said I had been snappy and I felt bad, because I hadn't felt like I was. So I apologized and hugged her and told her that I wasn't trying to be grumpy with her. I can't remember very many details about yesterday and I don't remember if this next part happened then or on...

Whenever it happened doesn't matter really I guess. Iowa changed to Texas to visit B's sister. My wife and B's sister used to live together so she was up for the idea but she's not sure if she wants to go because it could be expensive and we just took on a lot more debt and she just left town for a week and she's not sure if another 3-4 days are wise right now. Depending on what happens between them she may go. I told her I felt like going far away this soon was a problem for me but if she really wanted it I'd be fine but I preferred Iowa over Texas.

My parents kidnapped my kids for the day/night and our friend and my wife hung out in town shopping all day so I was pretty much by myself. I got some errands done and did some chores to make my wife happy and spent a while typing this long thing. I also spoke to A quite a bit, mostly about me visiting. She's not sure due to the other girl, but I'm pro-Kyle and feel like they aren't seeing each other yet so there's no reason I shouldn't. Even if it's just as friends. I could control myself. I'm not a pig. I'm around attractive girls every day and I don't force myself upon them. It's her life, though, and I'm really trying not to force the issue no matter how badly I want to meet her.

I think that's it up until this point. I've been avoiding part of what's going on in my life... but after tonight I'll be able to talk about it. It's a secret though! So excited. Muwahahaha.

PS: During these three days I was told that I was allowed to break one of our "rules" with A. Well it wasn't so much of a rule as a "You need to be comfortable with this person first" and she said she was OK with it so I'm excited if it actually happens.

Also, I had sex twice. Yay intimacy. We also cuddled on the couch and kissed a lot. It's been a great couple of days.

I didn't throw that stuff in the story because trying to remember the order of events over 48 hours is hard. So I need to post more often.
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