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Originally Posted by zylya View Post
Some questions for the OP:

How often are you having sex with your boyfriend? Also, who initiates, how often and are there any times when he initiates and you say no?
How often are you looking after your son to give him an opportunity to pursue his own interests, whatever they may be?
How often are you setting aside quality time to be with him, just the two of you?
Why are you putting up with your lover being openly disrespectful to your boyfriend? I know you say you told him to shut up, but he's still saying it.

Well, I have a high sex drive and I need sex everyday, sometimes more. As I said, my bf has a sex drive that matches my own. I have dates with my lover on Tuesday & Thursday night. I have sex with my bf every night, except on those nights. I always give my bf oral on those mornings though (Tues & Thurs) It's a habit we have got into and it's something we both enjoy. We dont have sex after my dates though, it's late when I get in, and I'm tired, I've felt guilty in the past and have tried to, but he has never wanted to for some reason. Although I understand why.

When I go on my dates he always used to wait up for me though, and although we would not have sex we would always kiss and cuddle and hold each other before we went to sleep, or sometimes I would take a bath and he would help me. He's always asleep when I get back now, or he pretends to be, and he always has Max in with him, so I can't talk to him or hug him without Max being in the middle and waking him up. I miss him not waiting up for me, it sounds silly but it meant a lot to me that he did. It's selfish, but for me to spend the night having sex with my lover, and to come home and have my bf waiting up for us to cuddle and show each other affection, in a none sexual way, meant so so much.

We both initiate, he is very demonstrative and we are always on the sofa together, hugging or me sitting on his lap and we kiss a lot. (Drives poor Max mad, so we both then start smoothering him with kisses and tickling him till he squirms )

I never, ever say no to him, and I never will. He never says no to me either. The only time I refuse sex is when I'm on my period, this applies to both of them.

My bf does what he wants, if he goes out with his friends he does not need my permission, and the same applys to me. We are both laid back people. He has plenty of other interests.

I look after my son all the time, I work part time, and spend as much time with my boy as possible. The three of us spend lots of time together. It's good, and I think we make a really tight loving family. We love being together, the three of us. My bf and son are so loving towards each other, and as my son has never even seen his biological father, he now has something that he never had before, my boy adores him, and this is very important to me. My bf and I do go out together alone also though, and always make the effort to put time aside for it. We have seperate friends, but all my lot love him. I love him.

My lover said some macho nonsense about my bf, thats just the way he is. I do not tolerate it. It happened a few times, it does not happen now though, he knows it upsets me.
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