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km34 - to us hugging and holding hands is girly.. plust just like NovemberRain said, some people like to touch and some don't... she does, he doesn't, and it bothers him...

NovemberRain, thanks! I will check that out, too bad can't show it to him since he doesn't know English plush, I don't want to shove words like polyamory to him since he is afraid of calling it names now..

LotusesandRoses, you are right! I am so impatient that I always have to somehow talk about her to make sure he is okay with it now, but it does the opposite...

It is all not really about holding hands, sleeping in one bed, etc.. but about the whole thing of understanding me.
He is a mono I guess, but I never wrote here about things I let him do that he wants and needs, I should write about that too, so it doesn't look like i am the bad one who just 'wants and needs'
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