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I'm Lotus, a professional in her mid-20's, and a solo poly lady. I'm not seeing anyone right now since I work a lot and am working on another degree so I can move up in my career. The first thing people usually notice about me is my crazy short and sassy dark pixie cut, and the second thing people notice is I'm well-spoken. I love public speaking, and my career goal is to be a professor in my field. Instructing is so much fun and so rewarding.

I love intellectual junk like medicine, opera, and literature. I also love fashion, tabloids, and have been fascinated with plastic surgery and drag since childhood. I'm somewhat of a girly girl: I love make-up and jewelry, but I also enjoy my andro good looks, being fit, and hiking. Like Pixie, I would definitely classify myself as an alpha female.

As far as partners, I like all kinds: Hypermasculine, butch, effeminate, femme, petite, tall, curvy, muscular. All kinds of people give me room to explore myself. Unfortunately, exploring myself is not so much an option as I work in a small community and am very busy, but I do find a little time to date and am looking forward to making new friends as my schedule lightens up and I meet more kindred spirits.
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