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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Why do you have to all sleep in one bed?
I can barely share a bed with a cat. To me, I can imagine the crowding alone must be a jealousy trigger for some folks.

Anyway, it sounds like OP's fiance is irritated because she's giving a lot of her affection to her girlfriend. Spend some solo time with the fiance, and don't shove the new flame down his throat. It doesn't mean to end the relationship, but create some space.

You're anxious and depressed; how is he feeling? Take some time to remind him he's desired, loved, and safe with you. Are you wrapped up in the newness of the other relationship and just dolling yourself up for her? Do things just to make him feel special, without her. Make it a point during these special "dates" not to mention her, to focus on him, exploring the parts of him you've never considered. I promise you'll get far more than you ever thought you had, when you examine this seemingly bad situation.
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