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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
KM and Arrow, what's the big deal about ex's? I wouldn't care about former loves one iota, unless I knew they were lunatics. What's the reasoning behind this? I can't quite fathom why it'd make any difference.
I'm specifically referring to the most recent exes, both mine and his. I wouldn't be comfortable with her as a metamour because when they were together before, there was always the threat of violence and sometimes a follow-through as well on her end anytime they argued. I don't want to feel unsafe, I don't want him feeling unsafe, and I don't advocate objects being tossed and thrown around the room whenever one doesn't get their way.

I happen to be relatively good friends with my ex, and if I remember correctly my s/o wouldn't have an issue with us getting together. However I'm not comfortable with the idea. I really believe we're at our best with each other as friends and nothing more.
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