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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
It's definitely, definitely ok to ask. If you can't share even that basic level of info with someone, why would you share your body with them?

I was confused also by this post. Open and honest communication is standard in poly. In swinging it isn't I guess because its not an arrangement of connection in terms of commitment and emotion.

I would say to both of them next time all of you together, "so, he says you want to fluid bond because you aren't interested in others right now and she says stuff that makes me feel like that isn't the case. I think we need to talk more about what's going on here so we can come to a decsion one way or the other. Now seems like a good time. Who wants to talk first "

It seems to me that its not a big deal to just start talking. It takes practice I guess, but really, straight forward talk that's honest mixed with empathy for those that you are in communication with works. Its quite simple once you get used to it.
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