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You might get some help from the The Five Love Languages book too. As to how to express to him you love him and you're not going anywhere.

One of my boyfriends only wants to touch when he wants to touch. Which is way less often than I want to touch. The first time around, I didn't understand that very well. It really hurt me to touch him and have him flinch. My other boyfriend always (and I mean always) leans into me when I touch him. We practically can't be in the same room without touching each other. Sometimes, I've asked him 'how do you know I love you?' and he says 'because you touch me.'

So, find out how your boyfriend knows you love him, and do that. Some people like presents, some like to be told, some like to be touched, and some like other things.

This is a link to the quiz. The website has lots of other good info too.
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