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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
*I am responding to many threads recently where the original poster pulled back from posting after their SOs read the the thread and got all unhappy at what was written about them. This is not solely in response to AnnabelMore's post above.*

While many folks recommend that the other people involved read threads so they can get the OP's perspective, I suggest that you keep this to yourself. Your boyfriend will not react well and will likely demand you stop coming here. You will lose some possibly valuable outside advice and contact. The last thing you want is to be even more isolated and alone than you already are.
Genebean's boyfriend already has an account here. His username is polypenguin. He started two threads here, both of which complain about how slowly Genebean wants to take things, and how unfair he feels it is to keep waiting. He seems rather fixated on having sex with multiple people. Genebean's threads talk about how insecure and hesitant she feels. She's 21, Polypenguin was her first love.

Genebean, this might be the point where you both realize you've grown in different directions as far as what you want from relationships. Maybe it is over. Polypenguin is eager to fuck lots of people, and is hanging out with people who want that too. It seems he's becoming a bit of a tyrant, and sulky if he doesn't get what he wants. You should never feel like you have to talk to or hang out with (or have sex with) anyone you don't want to, just because Polypenguin is having a tantrum. When I was your age, I had to let go of a long-term relationship, and it was difficult, but necessary for me to be happy and satisfied with my own direction in life. I had to do it, because I knew I had my own growing up and experiencing the world to do, which did not match my then-boyfriend's path. You might need to let him go, too. I agree with Anneintherain, it sounds like it's time to end the relationship.
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