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Yes my friend is mono... all my friends are! (with the exception of the friend in the a-sexual marriage mentioned upthread)

I did send her an email today, with pretty much the text NovemberRain suggested.. asking to not share all her interpretations with me.. I mean if she would actually meet Lou I'd be very interested to hear what she thinks, but to judge someones intentions from a picture..

dingedheart, that's an interesting point of view. I don't really see how I could have started the conversation any differently, because sharing my worries was exactly what I wanted to do.
I have many other friends who are very very mono and who sympathize with my insecurities but who seem to have a much stronger faith in my relationship with Ren. I guess that's what's bothering me the most: that she seems to question the strength of the marriage.

I have another friend who used to say that Ren and I were her ideal marriage, and since we've gone poly, she says that is still the case, even though she would never want a poly life, but she admires the way we do it and the way we communicate.
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