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Hello there, out of lurkdom as it seems.

I am sorry you are hurting but I have to say I kind of don't get it. You say you have been around at least for a year, wanted to post, have probably read alot by now ... why did you cheat? I mean, every second story around here is about cheating and the damage it does. How can you honestly hope for a miracle after you did that? Why did you lie? You say you would do it again. I don't think that you should feel sorry for feeling love but you should feel sorry for betraying the people around you like that. You said she didn't wanted to listen, but if you have something that important to tell, you make someone listen. What were you fighting about if things between you and Daisy were still in the dark?

I am really curious to understand the mechanics behind this dynamic. You seem to be much more reflected as to say something like "I couldn't help it."
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