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You can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are. Do you like and feel safe around any of his friends? If the answer is no, decide if you can live with interacting all the time with people you don't like and, more importantly, don't trust.

Your boyfriend is of course entitled to his own thoughts and feelings about that couple. He doesn't have to agree wirh you. But it is very very worrisome that you feel unsafe to tell him how you feel. That's a sign that the relationship is broken.

And while I certainly get grumpy when I don't get my way, I do not take it out on my partner! It's ok to say 'I'm bummed that I couldn't have a hot 6-some - or fuck a hot chick - because of your reluctance'. It's not acceptable to be cold or rude or passive aggressive. That unfortunately is what your boyfriend is doing.
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