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yeah we have threesomes, honestly I think it is the only time when I don't have to stress out to make everyone happy because everyone's enjoying...
but we sometimes sleep together because at out place because she is to drunk/tired/to late to drive home...
Cant go to her place for few reasons one of them being, it is way too soon for him to understand that it is not the end of the world if I have sex with her without him being around. (sometimes I am with her when he is in another room sleeping or whatever..)

it is not really about sleeping in one bed but more about me doing stuff with her like hugging/holding hands/that kind of girly stuff that I won't do with him (because he just doesn't like it plus it is more of a feminine way to show affection)

Oh! plus he doesn't really understand that I can have feelings for her and still love him..
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