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I so appreciate your guy's advice and perspective on things! I don't feel like I have very many options as far as people understanding the situation. We have been fighting like cats and dogs over this and I'm not sure how to deal with it...i feel so alone and lame. I have told him my feelings on the situation, but he doesn't respect them. He says that he will not engage in a relationship other than friendship with these people but he is very angry with me about my feelings and insists I talk to them. I don't really want to be around them at all and I am hurt that it doesn't seem like it phases him what was said or the obvious reasons not to trust them. He says that he is aloud to be upset but it is taking a tole on our relationship and I don't feel safe telling him what I feel. I am currently staying at a friend's for the weekend and he texted me and asked if he could have a six some with that couple, another couple and another girl. He told me that he wouldn't ask again until our agreed upon date to be fully poly and that I had the option of saying no. He also said he would not have sex with the woman. I did not feel I really did so I called him to talk about it. I asked if he would be pissed off if I said I wasn't ready and he said no, that he would understand. So I did and he became very cold and angry with me over the phone. He said that he would respect my wishes but was very upset over my decision..sorry for the long paragraph, I can't space it out on my phone!
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