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putting it on hold is out of the question, I am going through it and time will tell whether it was ment to be or not.

we are together for almost 6 years, the engagement is for a year.

Tried to be poly for a very short time since I met this girl, right as I saw her three months ago I knew she was special.

Haven't had poly relationships before.
I thought about it (with myself) andI have very goof friends who do it.

You mighs say I am expecting things to be good all too soon,
but I am a very emotional person and on top of that have anxiety (and probably depression) but I am going to take care of that.

How do I make him understand that there is nothing to be jealous of, she is a woman and she gives me other things he doesn't have and she is not a replacement.. I don't have anymore ways to explain it to him.
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