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Default I feel like I am going down instead of forward.

My polyamoric "relationship" is not working quite well, this puts me in such stress and neverending anxiety, but I don't want to give up!

I'm getting married to my bf in 2 months, sometimes in a rage/serious anxiety attack i think "do I even need this??" but after giving it some thoughts, I am going to go through with it, since I know that when everything's quite I am ok with it.

Anyway we had a talk with him about that girl, he is jealous when I hang out with her and when I am with her it seems to him that i am with her 6 hours when in fact it is 2. He said I can hang out with her, and she can come over to sleep. and that he needs time. But all that left 'a bad taste' it was suppose to be fun! Plus he feels weird when we all sleep in one bed and i hug her/she hugs me, he is doesn't like hugs when sleeping but I love it with her and that's important to me.

I feel like I am in a deep hole of emotional shit.
What do I do??
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