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Default The beuaty foreigner

Me and my wife have been thinking about other magic woman to join our lifes for a long time, at last we met her, she s great, but we haven t tell her that we have a crush on her!!, but we had tell her how important she is for us and she said that she feels the same... we are affraid to tell her, any advices comments tips will be welcomed.

Well we knew her a couple of years ago she was the girlfriend of a friend... they finished a year ago and we keep contact with her by mail, (she lives in other country) she came to our country to travel and we spend 20 great - magic days traveling, one night at the beach we drank a little more, and the three of us made little confessions about how much we care and how we feel... but the next day was a little awkward, but the day goes on and everything was again ok.... and after that, all went perfect... and then she have to get back to her country .... we gave her a book, and tell her that she could come to our lifes anytime... she write back that she wants to make another road trip with us... but we want to be more than just good friends..

Well this is it...

My wife and I, have a strong and completely sincere relation for the last ten years.

We thought that we were the only couple in the world with this kind of thinking untill we find this forum.
thx for your help.
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