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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hmm, to say ex's are ex's for a reason makes it sound like all ex's should be considered assholes. I've always hated the idea of putting down and criticizing an ex just because a relationship is over, because then it makes me look like just as much of an asshole for being with that person, if they're supposedly so bad!
I don't think any of my exes are assholes and have been friends off and on with a few of them, but we didn't work for various reasons and I don't see the point of revisiting that.

Kyle - I think you're right that since they broke up due to situational aspects and not personality or relationship issues, it is fine to try again since the situation is different.

I suppose it all depends on the circumstances. For me, I would not want to rekindle anything with any of my exes because it was a personality or fundamental belief issue that caused those relationships to end, and those situations have not changed. If I'd had a relationship end because we were too far apart, other obligations limited developing a relationship, or something like that, I would not hesitate to give it a try again if the opportunity arose.
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