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Originally Posted by Brid75 View Post
Also, you were with your lover before your boyfriend. How does your lover feel about him? Jealous?

Well my lover has nothing to be jealous about does he. He's the cocky type, he knows how good in bed he is and he knows that he's got what I need.

Having said that, I also have what he needs, so it works well. Yes, he has asked about my boyfriend and has said shitty things about him. He also gets a weird kick out of the fact that my boyfriend is at home, looking after my son, while we are having sex. He likes the fact that my boyfriend knows, and does nothing about it.

Unlike with my boyfriend though, I can be rude to him, and I tell him to shut up. Also, he will say that if he wanted to, he could take me from my boyfriend at anytime. Like I said, he's arrogant. It turns me on in a way.

He's wrong though. He couldn't.

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