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Originally Posted by PolyCurious4 View Post
However because of the swinger culture including multiple partners its always been for me that condoms are required always and fluid bonding and exclusivity has never been on the table. For this reason it feels odd to ask.
This is where the transition from swinging to poly comes in.

I think it is something that just takes practice to talk about... With a couple hubby and I used to play with (and then I started dating her and all kinds of complexity in the relationship came and went lol) - we went from condoms always, to no condoms, to condoms (I went off birth control for a while), and back to no condoms (return of birth control) in the span of just over a year. We had to have the awkward talk every time. By the time we decided to go condom-less the second time, it was no big deal at all to bring it up.

This is about your health, so you kind of just have to bite the bullet and talk about it. I don't think you're being presumptive at all if he is the one that brought up not using condoms. Having a complete, informed discussion about it is imperative to make sure you're all maintaining safe(r) practices.
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