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Sorry if I'm bringing up stuff people don't like to talk or think about.....

Another post that comes to mind was one where a woman posted about how sex with one partner couldn't hold a candle to sex with her other partner. Lots of people stated it just wasn't true. That neither sex partner dished up better sex than the other; just different sex. I'm sorry but she's the one having the sex and if she thinks its better it just IS. For example if I always have multiple orgasms with A and rarely ever get off with C I am going to enjoy sex with A more even if I can enjoy sex without an orgasm. Everyone seems so scared to admit that yes, sometimes someone or something is favored and lies get told about it.

I know a couple, the parents of a childhood friend I still keep in contact with that also pops to mind. The wife had a hysterectomy and her sex drive lowered. It caused some unrest in their relationship for a handful of years till the husband presented with prostate cancer and ended up unable to perform. They are two of the cuddliest people I've ever seen now. Would their relationship still be so strong if he'd sought someone else when her sex drive dipped? Would she have even been around to help him while he fought the cancer? What if she decided that despite her sex drive being low now, never having penetrative sex with her husband entitled her to find someone to fill that lack? We seem to be a society that can't admit when something we want is not a necessity and would rather call it a need, hoping to or at least willing to overlook how it can give someone else a new struggle just to relieve us of our own.
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