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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Take a man and provide him with food and water and confine him to a shelter so that he can survive and nothing beyond that. No company, no wandering around, nothing except the merest existence. Check on his mental health in a couple of years and see how that goes.

In the not-very-distant past, doctors developed vibrators as medical tools to treat hysterical women. What, specifically, was the cause of hysteria? Lack of sex. The women were sexually frustrated and disturbed enough by it to seek medical treatment; said treatment consisted of stimulation to orgasm. Now, prudish, proper ladies having mental problems due to lack of sex indicates a problem, and that they would seek medical treatment indicates that it was a serious problem.
I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that monogamy isn't defined as above. You don't agree to be monogamous and suddenly find yourself without sex and isolated from any kind of socialization. You don't even have to only orgasm with your monogamous partner. That is why I said arguing about the necessity of sex is a moot point because we are talking about people who already have a partner, a hand or vibrator, and are still able to socialize out in the world.
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