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Default hot and bothered

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I tend to just follow my source of inspiration while writing, and lately that has been really really heavy on the sex and the processing.

I know so many poly people who have had their hearts crushed with betrayals and broken promises and dreams. I know so many who have tried for the gold ideal and had it blow up in their faces leaving them scarred. I bring this all to the table. They form a significant part of why I am so excited about what is happening for us right now.

It's partially because we have taken things slowly in our primary relationship over the years. It's partially because we have built such a profoundly strong foundation. It's also partially because fate brought a very good fit of a man into our relationship. And of course it's also because it's new and thw whole world is glowing with NRE.

I enjoy writing about the sex. It gets my juices flowing, so to say. i.e. it makes me want to write.

It's also a way for me to sort things out in my head and remember things correctly. without writing them down, things tend to blend together in a blur of memory fragments. Perhaps my blog is more of a poly sex diary than a journal. I don't know. I'm almost 20 posts into it now, and my writing is beginning to expand and improve. They are scheduled one a day all the way through mid-April already.

Maybe I should just post them here and not on the blog? I could take the blog down in 5 minutes. I have no attachment to where I host the items. Any thoughts or feedback on this idea?

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