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Default how to tell your friend she's not supportive

I met my best friend today. She has never met Lou but my friend has heard about her from Ren and has seen her pictures. I was trying to explain some of my fears and worries. When I went home I felt upset, and after thinking about it, I realized I had not felt support from my friend, but rather had felt that she was feeding my fears. She said things like "I don't trust Lou" ( she's never met her!), "I think Ren is in love with here even though he says he isn't" and "lets just hope he won't start to like her more than he likes you".

I know most of this comes from the fact that she's worried about me, about my marriage. But how can I let her know that this is not helping? I'm not looking for someone to go 'let's bash my husbands girlfriend' with. I'm debating wether or not to let her know..
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