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Default A balanced observation

Were the above criticism accurate and fair, I would willingly admit it, but it is so far from the truth, I must say something. To say that my description of flexible relationships (without using the word: polyamory) is a ploy used by men for sex is baffling to me. Particularly after I had just referred to NYCindie's (a woman) approach that she mentioned above in this same thread.

She said: "You'd be surprised how many people are open to polyamory without ever having heard the word. In fact, I rarely bring the P-word up when I date. I just say I prefer to be non-exclusive. And sometimes this doesn't even come up in a first date. I like to see how I hit it off with someone."

Except for my two year relationship with Pearl, that ended 1 1/2 yrs. ago, five of the last seven yrs of my life have been celibate. Polyamory is too much hard work to be in it just for sex, for a man or a woman.

Frank is an unattached recovering monogamist, poly dating straight male.
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