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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
You know, nobody likes to hear negative things about themselves and a personal situation. I do feel deep remorse for hurting both my bf and his S/O. As you said, and I've said plenty, I just wanted things to work for all of us. And I still believe that it can.

As my bf said, we will all be stronger as a result of this. The great news is that the lines of communication are now fully open between he and I. Things that were previously taboo are no longer and he encourages me to open up to him for the answers I seek rather than let them rattle around in my head and come to conclusions (right or wrong). I feel safe in sharing all of my thoughts with him, no more filter.

I just want to move on and live, laugh and love with him.
yay, open communication. Then why feel remorseful? He himself said that you will be stronger as a result. No fail going on here then... why not give up on the remorse and feel good about being so open and honest. It suits the whole poly thing anyway ya know?
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